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Mark is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Cuneus Data Lab Inc. In this role he is responsible for the internal and external growth, driving and overseeing the implementation of Cuneus’ tradable data units (TDU), its super data ledgers (SDL) and its decentralized exchange (TDUex).


Mark is also an executive at eFXdata and an associate project lead at the MBNI Lab at Harvard Medical School.


Mark received his PhD in 2012 in Applied Biophysics from Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, which was conducted at Harvard Medical School. He is author and co-author of several scientific papers.

Chief Executive Officer

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Mike oversees the R&D for the digital infrastructure of the TDU Network. He is credited for the conceptual specs of Super Data Ledgers (SDLs), Data Transmission Algorithms (DTA), and Transparent Pricing Models (TPM). He brings eight years of experience in the aggregation, and optimization of sell-side analytical FX data.

Mike's academic background is in Government and International Business and he holds executive certificates in Blockchain and Fintech from Cornell University, a certificate in Data Science for Business from Harvard Online, and a certificate in Alternative Investments from Harvard Business School Online.

Chief Operating Officer


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Carine oversees product distribution, strategic data partnerships, and monetization at Cuneus. She brings 15+ years of experience working for various technology service providers leading digital transformations and improving customers’ experiences through diligent engagements. She is also a founding member of @eFX-Data.

Carine holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University, a Management Information Systems Master’s degree from Harvard DCE, and a Product Management certificate from Cornell University. She is passionate about the intersection of Blockchain and FinTech.

Carine N. M.

Head of Business Development & Product Management

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Dan is leading everything creative at Cuneus.


He is a music producer, sound engineer, and solo artist in the genre of cinematic music. Dan has contributed to several collaborative albums and experimental mixed media projects. 

His academic credentials include certificates from Berklee College of Music, the largest independent college of contemporary music.

Dan L.

Creative Director
NFT Connoisseur


With Eric's close to 30 years of experience in practicing law, his role at Cuneus is to advise on legal agreements, intellectual properties, and trade secrets.

Eric is the founder of Osterberg LLC, a boutique law firm specializing in copyright, trademark and technology licensing, protection, and litigation, and commercial deal-making and dispute resolution. He serves as counsel to software companies, publishing companies, fintech and other technology companies, and other innovative and evolving businesses.

Eric received his JD from Emory University and his BA in History from Northwestern University. He co-authored the book "Substantial Similarity In Copyright Law”.

Eric O., JD

Legal Advisor

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Ameer is overseeing the application development at Cuneus. He is also the Head of Technology at eFXdata.


Ameer holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Central Connecticut  State University and started his academic engineering career at MIT.

Ameer A.

Head of Technology

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